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Despatch Date Module – part 7: Custom email variable

This post continues our series to build a module for order despatch date. Here, we want to develop our store so that we can communicate the estimated despatch date to the customer in an email. Magento provides the facility to send an order update email from within the Order View Information page. We’ll add an estimated despatch date to this email template and serve the template with a method to get the date from the database.

Despatch Date Module – part 6: Contructing the block class

In this post we continue our series to provide a despatch date field accessible via the Order View page. We’ll see how the block class we created in part 2 will serve the form template. We still need to populate the input box with the current value for the date if it already exists in the database. And the user will update this as needed.

Despatch Date Module – part 4: Setting up the database

This is the fourth post of a series to build a module for a Despatch Date field on the Order View page in Magento Admin. In this post we’ll add a column to a table in the database where we can store the despatch date for the customer’s order. In the next post, we’ll put data in it with our controller class, and in subsequent posts, we’ll see how we can get the data out.  (more…)

Despatch Date Module – part 3: Form enhancement with javascript

In this the third post of the series to add a Despatch Date field in Magento Admin, we’re going to use jQuery and prototype to enhance our form. jQuery to add some validation and prototype to add a datepicker. Before we get that far, let’s enhance the appearance of our form and make it consistent with other elements on the page. (more…)

Despatch Date Module – part 2: Setting up the layout

This is the second in a series of posts, which develop a module to add a despatch date field to Magento Admin. Part 1 provided some background and set up the basic module. At this stage the module does nothing. In this long post we start to remedy that and take a look at layout. Layout is a good place to start, viewable, tangible, and intuitive (we hope). (more…)

Despatch Date Module – part 1: Intro and configuration

This is the first in a series of posts, which develop a module for Magento CE to add a despatch date field in Magento Admin. Our aim is to meet our client’s requirement for a field which receives, stores and displays estimated despatch dates for orders and communicates these to customers. We’ll communicate via an email and in the customer’s ‘My Account’ area. The estimated despatch date will typically be entered some time after the order has been received when order preparation time has been assessed. The client also wants the ability to sort orders by despatch date to make clear which orders should be ready for dispatch and which if any may be overdue. (more…)